Establishment "LITURGICAL VESSELS DOBSKI & DOBSKI", which roots come from Czestochowa, started production of devotional articles and liturgical vessels in 1965 in Poznan.
It is a family establishment which goes from generation to generation - from father to son. Krzysztof Dobski is its present owner.

Our activity is production of all range of liturgical vessels: chalices, ciborias, monstrances, reliquaries and tabernacles. We are skilled in renovation of old and sometimes highly worn-out liturgical vessels.

Continously we increase the variety of our articles to satisfy the needs of priests. We can also carry out individual projects of liturgical vessels.

We cooperate with pristhood, bookstores and shops all over the country. We have permanent customers in Europe and Notrh America.

We appreciate our permanent customer for years of good cooperation.
We welcome all the people interested in our products to the group of our customers.